Lioness of Planned Parenthood Guards Pride, Not Cubs

An excellent analysis by my friend Grant Bresett

The Apologers

Planned Parenthood logoThe Lioness is a symbol of strength – more specifically, feminine strength. That strength is usually found in the ferocity used to protect her young.

With Planned Parenthood, the young are the ones in danger because of the lioness.

The first five videos reveal Planned Parenthood profiting from selling aborted body parts (videos 1-4video 5). In this sixth video, Holly O’Donnell, Ex-Procurement Technician with StemExpress LLC,  heaps more testimony onto the pile of evidence against Planned Parenthood.

The latest video uncovers Planned Parenthood’s blatant disregard for women.

This goes to the heart of pro-abortion arguments. They sell themselves as champions of women’s health and women’s rights. This video shows Planned Parenthood exploit women for fetal body parts and financial gain.

Those who’ve been following Planned Parenthood are not surprised. These videos, however, make it accessible for everyone to see.

The Coercion

“She told me, she’s like, it’s not an option. It’s a demand…

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Author: apologeticsminion

Daniel has an MA in Christian Apologetics from Biola University. He is married and has four grown children. Professionally, Daniel is a sign language interpreter.

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